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COR Story

From the very beginning we’ve been a company comprised of people who are passionate about what they do. People who not only love to geek out over a new project or the latest industry topic but who embrace every challenge and stop at nothing to get the job done. We believe every client interaction is an opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. Our work is important because we believe our “job” truly makes a difference in people’s lives.

So how did we come to be?

Though Syndacor officially surfaced at the end of 2012, the ideas that shape today’s big picture plan began to take flight in 2007 and 2008. You see, like most great things, we started out from small beginnings... in this case with the overhaul of a local computer repair company formerly known as The Computer Doctor. When Syndacor founder, Gabriel Howard, acquired the small tech shop, he had a vision for a completely new business model. He wanted to serve as more than just the local computer fix-it personnel--he wanted to be the go-to service for IT repair and consulting. So he harnessed a team of well-qualified computer technicians and extended the shop’s service offerings to include a full range of IT solutions. That my friends was how TechPros, Franklin’s elite IT consulting company, was born.

Not long after TechPros opened their new doors in historic downtown Franklin in 2007, customers started to express a need for design services. Of course, being a technology house, it made sense that this might be something they offered. Realizing there was a potential market for additional services, Gabe’s wheels began really turning. Here was an opportunity to serve his clients in a much bigger and better way. And so the COR idea behind Syndacor was formed.

With the goal of bringing more value to its clients, the TechPros team stretched its mind and expanded its resources to pursue other avenues. In 2008 they launched Creativetopia, the company’s new graphic design and marketing division and it wasn’t long after that residential and business security came into the picture. That’s when the building blocks for the master plan began to take shape. In 2012, with the launch of Voltum Security, the team became three business units strong.

It was at this point that the pieces finally started to come together and the vision for Syndacor became crystal clear: We are an all-encompassing solution portal for businesses and residential clients looking to improve their efficiency and leverage their brands, a one stop shop--ONE company, ONE team--that offers many different types of service offerings and support. As a house of many brands and services, we can better serve and bring added value to our clients and their businesses by simplifying the lines of communication. Instead of going to many different vendors for several different needs people can get the same quality products and solutions under one roof, with the help of ONE account executive. Whether you’re in need of a technological tune-up, want to boost your image with eye-catching design, or are looking for peace of mind, Syndacor has the answers and continually strives to find and offer solutions to the ones that they currently don't.