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COR Vision


Be a great place to work where people are inspired and empowered to be the best they can be inside and outside of the company - on and off the clock. When it comes down to it the people are what matter--those you work with and those you work for. At Syndacor we believe in finding the right people, a team of believers always hungry for improvement and eager to continually grow themselves and the company into something bigger and better.


Bring to market a promising portfolio of quality service brands so stellar that people don’t even think twice about coming to us/making us their business of choice/can’t help but come back for more/fathom going elsewhere. Success is all about setting the expectation and delivering on point. At Syndacor we strive to put that WOW factor into everything we do. We don’t just aim to satisfy people’s needs and desires, we up the ante from the get go with a goal of exceeding their expectations and creating that lasting impression.


Cultivate a winning network of clients and suppliers who not only believe in us at the core, but are enthusiastic to go to bat with us to create mutual, enduring value. At Syndacor there is no hierarchy. We’re a circle and though our clients are at the very center of that circle, we’re all working to succeed together. We believe in investing our time into those willing to invest in us and strive to win the business of clients who share that same zest for partnership.


Be a leader of positive influence by using our knowledge and skills to benefit and inspire the greater good of the community. At Syndacor giving back is an essential part of the way we operate. We believe in building and leading with heart both inside and outside of the workplace. To us, doing our part to help grow and foster the communities we serve is just as important as our endeavors to better ourselves as individuals and as a company. With a goal of spreading this spirit of generosity, we strive to enrich lives and foster community growth by helping others realize their true potential and empowering them to reach it.


Be a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organization. It’s no secret that what you get out is what you put in. Success is all about producing results--meaningful, quality, long-lasting results. To make that happen you’ve got to operate efficiently. Here at Syndacor that means working smarter, not harder. It means working with power and grace to identify needs upfront, formulate viable solutions and act with urgency to get the best job done in the least amount of time.


Maximize long-term profit to achieve our goals, boost our value and sustain the organization as a whole. With more profit comes more flexibility. At Syndacor we believe in maximizing experiences, those of our clients, our partners and our employees. The more profit we bring in the more we are able to provide that added service and value to our clients and to give back to both our team members and the community. Having financial leeway allows us the freedom to exercise more leisurely, to expand our resources, to take more risks, and to embark on new and exciting opportunities we might otherwise have held back on.